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Do you fit the profile of a URDC Distributor / Member?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to own their own company and control the security of their financial future.
  • Motivated semi-retired or retired persons who want to significantly supplement their income.
  • Those who want to control return on investment in an industry where growth isn’t influenced by the prevailing economy.
  • Couples who, through working together, can ensure lots of planned leisure time.
  • The person who wants to maintain the independence of his or her own business while under the protective umbrella of a shared purchase Cooperative.


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Through a cooperative, businesses have found that they can reduce cost, respond better to competition, and improve overall performance. Members also receive these economic benefits while maintaining the independence of their business.

A cooperative is one way for individual businesses to prosper and effectively meet the challenges of competition. Cooperative benefits come not only from initial savings through group purchasing power, but also from sharing the earnings of the cooperative based on the patronage or use of the co-op.

  1. Annual rebates
  2. Availability of developed and proven product lines for the retail market
  3. Group buy opportunities
  4. Leveraging combined purchase volume
  5. Corporate contract opportunities
  6. Networking with other member/distributors
  7. Partnering with quality suppliers
  8. Partnership in a strong national organization